In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

"And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me" Ash-Shu'araa 26:80

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

- Monday Musings - (re-post)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hello

Hopefully everyone is in the best of faith, and in the best of health, wherever you guys may be.

Today (Monday) is my tenth day back home in KL and by far the most meaningful. It marked my first ward round where the Head of Department himself attended, and also my first being the only student in the round. There were still 20 other people in it though, with the housemen making up half of the total strength!

As usual, it’s a half-day thingy, but this time I managed to speak with a couple of male patients before I left. One was a Malay film crew in his thirties (bukan artis yer!) diagnosed with query acute cholecystitis. The other was a 74-year-old Chinese gentleman from Alor Setar who just arrived via ambulance from Kedah before Fajr today. He was confirmed to have AAA, and present with him was his son who managed to make it to KL in the same ambulance.

It was quite satisfying when both patients admitted of being very pleased talking to me, and as the Chinese man (the son) put it, “cakap sama lu banyak shiok”. I think the only reason they said such things was that I actually had all the time in this world to spend few minutes engaging in conversations with them, compared to all the other members of staff in the ward, be it the Specialists, MOs, housemen, nurses, etc. Another plus point was that I didn’t “bullshit” the patients (quite a norm among students), always sticking to the fact, although there were obviously some assumptions here and there. The main thing is that we must never be afraid to say “afwan, laa adri / sorry, I don’t know / maaf, gua enggak bisa tau”.

I reached KLCC at about 12pm, just in time to become one of the first visitors to the Pameran Kegemilangan Sains dalam Tamadun Islam. It was launched by our YAB PM, although we (the civilian visitors) were not actually allowed in while the launching ceremony was taking place inside the main hall. The exhibition itself was quite good, although the “First Day Syndrome” did take place, just like in any other multiple-day events (minor glitches with the gadgets, tour guides messing up with the scripts, few loose screws here and there, etc.). However, credit should be given where credit is due, and I think it was a fine job by the organising ministry (MOSTI). Both thumbs up! (hehe dapat calendar, notebook and pen free, kena puji la sket beb, tanda terima kasih)

One incident ticked me off a bit (and deservedly so!), but it’s not about the exhibition per se. I was sitting all alone taking photographs near one of the big touch-screen information machine, when I overheard a Chinese man talking to one of the male staff and a nearby female visitor (both are Muslims). He claimed that he was a free-thinker and was asking to the other two younger Muslims of their thoughts about organised religions. I couldn’t hear any replies (they were standing behind me), and so the man went on a bit about his opinions, and I noticed that some words e.g. “Islam”, “Christian”, “Jews”, “war”, etc. occurred a number of times. I can safely say, however, that this man is not “against” religion, but he wasn’t happy with the actions of people who are known to embrace certain religions.

At this point, I became interested just to turn around and listen carefully (I strongly believe Messrs. Zaid Abdullah and Fawwaz from Manchester would have engaged this man in a conversation within no time!). And at the same moment he asked the two “unlucky” ones if they knew what does the word “Islam” mean. None of them actually answered, and upon completing my 180° rotation, he suddenly asked whether I’m a Muslim, in which I duly confirmed. He pointed the same question to me and I tried to answer properly, that Islam came from a root word and one of its meanings is “peace”. No sooner after I said that, the man replied, this time towards the two “bystanders”, “the root word of Islam came from the ancient Semitic language (where Hebrew and Arabic sprouts from), which also meant “submission” and “to surrender”."

He then asked the girl, “What does your holy book mean? What is the meaning of the word Quran?” I was trying too hard to listen to what she’s going to say that when she did, it sounded a little bit fuzzy, although she might have said something like “Quran is Quran”. And, obviously, the man answered that the word “Quran” comes from a root word which means “to read”. He carried on by commenting on people in the present era who are adhering to one religion, but never actually know the basics of the religion itself. He also said 90% of Malaysian Muslims (mainly youths) don’t even know or remember the 5 Islamic Tenets and the 6 Pillars of Faith. This guy must have been a priest or something!

Robert’s (I eventually managed to find out his first name) questions were, of course, merely from the language point of view, but his subsequent comments just confirmed one thing that I’ve only heard of before and yet to experience; that atheists and agnostics do know a lot about organised religions, and people outside Islam do study A LOT about our Deen. Whatever their intentions are, as the defenders of our own religion we must act fast to equip ourselves with knowledge of our own Way of Life. The stats that Robert provided might be a bit deceptive, but the results are all over the country for us to see. I also strongly believed that my two Muslim “friends” were merely awe-stricken during the whole conversation, and not actually being ignorant of their own Deen.

People who believed in capitalism fought, and still fight for it, because they understood what it meant and how it could benefit people. The same can be said about those who upheld communism, nationalism, fascism, imperialism, and all other secular ideologies and economic “-isms”. They embraced them whole-heartedly, learned about them and their opponents, even if they knew that such –isms also have their own shortcomings.

But why do we Muslims kept trying to “run away” from our own Destiny, from the Deen we should never ever have any doubt with? We were always proud of our fore-fathers becoming pioneers in the ever-expanding fields of knowledge, where they took heed of what was told by Allah in the Quran regarding the importance of thinking, learning and teaching. Alhamdulillah, nearly half of the global Muslims are doing fine at the moment in that aspect. But we never take into account that these people in the 9th-15th century got to achieve such results due to the social, economical, and political system that they were universally embracing during that time. Those generations were, literally, “living the Quran”, and with that I meant the whole Quran. Are we going to be like the Jews, where Allah mentioned in His Book,

“…Then do you believe in a part of the Scripture and reject the rest? Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day of Resurrection they shall be consigned to the most grievous torment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do.”
Al Baqarah 2:85

If those who only believe partially in the Taurat will be tormented in such a way, then how much more gruesome will Allah’s torment be for those who treat the Quran similarly, just as they like, based on their "basic instincts"? We are talking about the Quran, the “text” which will never change until the Day of Judgement, and which will be one of our “jury” during the Day of Gathering. And as Allah have described about these people in the very next verse,

“Those are they who have bought the life of this world at the price of the Hereafter. Their torment shall not be lightened nor shall they be helped.”
Al Baqarah 2:86

So, friends and foes (hope I have none!), props and ops (-ponent), with that I think I should leave it here just for now. Was thinking to add few more bits, esp. what was being delivered during the Kuliah Zuhr in Masjid KLCC, but will keep it safe till next time insha Allah. Till then, salaam ukhuwwah, salam imtihaan, and all the best to everyone, in life Herein and in the Hereafter.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah.

arip buff vasco abdussalam
Md Ariff Md Yusof
Year 5 MBChBThe University of Manchester
Elective Posting
– Dept. of Surgery, HKL –
"So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior (in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers"

Al-'Imran 3:139

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bank Holiday Weekend

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hi...

hope everyone's in the best of health and faith... i'm in old trafford at the moment, just returned earlier today from oldham, to attend the 'sambutan kemerdekaan anjuran msd' in Whitworth Hall, the university of manchester... quite amazed when i found out that my name is on the program book as a committee member, even though i've requested (since last week) not to be in due to the fact that i couldn't confirm my attendance only until this morning...

i was asked to recite a poem by bro Salman from cheetham hill, who was in charge of the "performance" sub-committee (i was actually supposed to work under him if i'm available as a committee member)... all because i had offered to do so last week... i was still in a state of indecision at about 10am today, whether to attend the event or not... but then i made up my mind to go anyway... it took me just 10 minutes actually to write the poem, and about 2-3 minutes to recite it... i came down with my batik shirt, which was tailor-made last summer but was never worn until today (if i'm not mistaken...) and my blazer...

the event started with a photography session, in front of the university main bulding along oxford road... there were about 80-90 of us attending, with relatively equal numbers of undergrads, postgrads, and working malaysians... another shock of the day was when i was called up to recite the du'a... it was suppose to be azlan sosial's job but he already texted me to cover for him if he couldn't arrive on time, which apparently was the case... however, i've only just finished reading the sms for about 1-2 seconds before the emcee announced my name!!!

anyway, i'm now safe at home (or my ex-home actually)... will spend the night here before heading back to oldham tomorrow afternoon...

actually, i was down in manchester on friday evening, and slept at zaid's house in rusholme... there was a rugby match in stockport, between sale sharks (the english champs) and edinburgh gunners who played in the celtic league... i already bought the tickets about 2-3 weeks ago, which was quite cheap, about £9 (student price)... the game was bloody good, serious!! the sharks won, obviously, but not without a fight and the final score was 30-14... i've been a sharks fan since the past year or two, and i can still recall their first 15 who played on friday... 1. Lionel Faure 2. Sebastian Bruno 3. Lee Evans 4. Chris Jones 5. Ignacio Lobbe 6. Jason White 7. Magnus Lund 8. Sebastian Chabal 9. Richard Wigglesworth 10. Charlie Hodgson 11. Oriol Ripol 12. Chris Bell 13. Chris Mayor 14. Mark Cueto 15. Jason Robinson... and they do have some big names on the bench eg. Andrew Sheridan (prop), Sililo Martens (scrum-half), Ben Foden (scrum-half), Steve Hanley (winger), Mike Taylor (centre), etc..

edinburgh also boasted quite a number of good players like Dave Hewett (former All Blacks prop), Scott Murray (2nd row), Alistair Hogg (no. 8), Hugo Southwell (full-back), Chris Paterson (winger), Simon Webster (winger), Mike Blair (scrum-half)... all the six of them are scottish internationals... i went back to oldham straight away on saturday morning and spent most of the day in the doctor's mess watching rugby (and bits of football and news) on sky...

the rooms in oldham don't have internet connections so we have to go the library to read our e-mails... i've got a special pass (a magnetic key) to enter the library during the out-of-hours period... that's a good thing, but the bad thing is that the hospital's IT team is really very strict in terms of allowed internet sites... they do allow 240 minutes daily for each PC to be used to browse restricted websites but usually by the time i went to the library at night the 240 minutes have all been used up... restricted websites which i normally browse are like friendster, eBay, hsbc online banking, any sports-related (even BBC sport!!!) websites and Blogger (!!!)... however i can always access the utusan's sports page, which are never restricted, maybe because it's in malay!!!

in oldham, i live on the 2nd floor of the accommodation building, which is called the Lucy Pugh building... there are 7 bedrooms on the same floor and they are quite spacious as well... about 1.5 times larger than my ex-room in old trafford!!! 7 people sharing 4 toilets, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen... you can't ask for anything better, can you? and even then, there are only 2 of us at the time being... myself and james, my coursemate who's doing his surgical rotation at the moment... there were a muslim couple from south africa living here on the same floor when i moved in last saturday... the wife is an A&E doctor who's doing her locum, while the husband
is a university student... however they went back to cape town on thursday, because the wife's brother just died the day before after battling against stoamch cancer... they were initially planning to go back on wednesday this week when the 'arwah' was still alive, but apparently Allah has planned otherwise... "Verily, to Allah we belong, and to Him we will return..." (Quran; Al-Baqarah 2:156)

Other miscellaneous news, i've already finished watching all 39 episodes of Blue Blink (Aoi Blink in Japanese)... i truly enjoyed the series very much, having revisited my childhood days (wink.. wink..)... and the opening theme song is quite nice too... i have the japanese lyrics but not the english translation though (sigh...) ... both the opening and ending themes is in YouTube, just type Aoi Blink in the search box...

the respiratory team will hold its specialty meeting this friday (1st september) and i was instructed to present a case... it's about a patient in the ward with a1-antitrypsin deficiency... can't disclose too much details though, need to protect the patient's privacy here...

so i think that should be all for now... will try my best to update regularly... and also my Iman as well, must be updated every now and then... ramadhan is approaching fast... may Allah gives us all strength and guidance to constantly uphold His Name and Orders, and to distance ourselves from everything that He prohibits us from doing... till then, all the best and take care everyone!!! wassalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reminder: A telephone and its connection line

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hello...

Most of us have used a telephone before, be it a mobile phone, a payphone, or a normal telephone that we all have in our houses. All we merely need to make a successful phone call is a working telephone and a clear telephone line, plus other accessories e.g. phone credits, coins, and the number we want to dial to.

What is a telephone without a phone line, even if it is working perfectly? Let say we call a friend, asking for a favour. With a working telephone and a clear signal, at least our phone-call will be answered, as long as the friend is able to hear his/her phone ringing. And insha Allah the favour we seek from him/her will be returned.

Try use an unconnected phone, and speak to an 'imaginary' friend using the same words as you might have used if the call does go through. There is no way your cry for help will be heeded, because no one actually heard them!

People will do all they can to make sure the connection line is clear. Mobile phone users will go somewhere where the signal is strong, i.e "full-bar". Those at home will get a new telephone cable for their telephones, and some will go to such extent that they reported to the authorities e.g. Telekom Malaysia, so that the old underground, or overground, telephone cables can be replaced.

The same analogy can be applied to our daily prayers. Our act of praying is like a telephone, and our Iman is similar to the connection line. And in the so-called "heavenly terms", the receiver of the call is none other than Allah the Almighty.

An act of prayer without firm faith inside us will render it useless. Obviously, Allah will Hear our prayer, for He is the All-Hearer. But being the Rabb and the Ilah, He has the Absolute Right whether or not to accept our prayers and supplications.

So my friends, how can we make sure the "connection line" is clear? To purify our faith is a tough act, but it is not impossible. All we need is some effort and a very good guide. The guide is none other than the Quran, and the Sunnah of our Prophet.

Follow what they instructed us to do, and avoid what they tell us to keep away from. Befriend those with good intentions in life herein and in the hereafter. Gradually reduce our affinity towards time-wasting acts. Be sincere, and remember Allah in whatever we do.

Put aside our over-reliance towards world-ly matters, in fact it is Only to Allah that we should rely everything upon. The world and its contents are just "tools" for us to achieve our ultimate aim, which is for Allah to be Well-Pleased with us. As the saying goes, "the world in our hands, not in our hearts".

One of the best thing to do is to have no one else set as our example, other than the Prophet himself (peace be upon him), his Companions (male and female), and those who follow his way through what is shown to us in the Quran and Sunnah.

Throw away the images of singers, actors, actresses, sportsmen, statesmen, warriors, businessmen, reality TV icons, pop idols, etc. from our heart. For the best of warriors, statesmen, businessmen, fathers, husbands, teachers, friends and persons is none other than our own Prophet, may peace be upon him.

Understand fully the events of Isra' and Mi'raj, when the act of Prayer was made compulsory to us Muslims. How the Might of Allah encompasses everything, the sacrifices that the Prophet made on the journey, the endings for the adulterers and those involved with usury, and not to forget all the insults and slanders from the foolhardy Unbelievers when they heard of the one-night journey.

That's all from me, jazakallah khair to the person who told me about the telephone analogy. May it be a reminder especially for the one who writes. I seek help and guidance from none other than Allah the Almighty, for all mankind.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah

Md Ariff Md Yusof
living my last few days in Old Trafford...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

anak2 patung, anak kucing

assalamualaikum warahmatullah dan salam sejahtera

Intro 1

"dari suara hati
ingin kami sembahkan
hiburan baru Islam
agar semua terhibur
semoga mendapat keredhaan Tuhan..."

- ... am not sure what will the Nada Murni members think if the following news is considered "Hiburan Baru Islam"... na'uzubillahi min zalika...

Intro 2

"nak joget tiap "HARI" ada "HAD"-nya,
melainkan mereka yang tidak menge-"HAD"kan "HARI"-nya,
yang penting Islam kita Islam "HAD-HARI"..."

- ...dengan 'ironi'-nya saya merasakan tak ada belia muslim yang datang tengok konsert ni...

- ...even the top story on BBC News today was "Dozens killed in Lebanon air raid", and who cares if they're Sunnis or Shi'as, they're human beings after all!!!

- ...but still Hotlink (and all the other sponsors) carried on with this show... malu siyutt saper2 pakai maxis... (seb baik aku pakai maxis line, bukan prepaid; ... huh, macam ada beza jer...)

Main 1

1. Utusan Malaysia "Siapa lepaskan gaya seksi Pussycat Dolls?"

2. The Star "
Tainted love for the Dolls" (with photo)

Main 2

- ...just wondering, which one of these 10 Islam Hadhari principles warranted the concert to be carried out after all? Principle III maybe? can be VI or VII as well, right? Oh yeah, of course, it must be principle number VIII !!!!!

Islam Hadhari akan memastikan pencapaian sepuluh prinsip utama:

I. Keimanan dan ketakwaan kepada ILAHI
II. Kerajaan adil dan beramanah
III. Rakyat berjiwa merdeka
IV. Penguasaan ilmu pengetahuan
V. Pembangunan ekonomi seimbang dan komprehensif
VI. Kehidupan berkualiti
VII. Pembelaan hak kumpulan minoriti dan wanita
VIII. Keutuhan budaya dan moral
IX. Pemeliharaan alam semula jadi
X. Kekuatan pertahanan


- ...dunno what else to write, better pen-off straight-away... not much of a conclusion can be drawn from this, I think... (ironic again? wallahu a'lam...)

wassalamualaikum warahmatullah

OP Md Ariff Md Yusof 96-99B
arip vasco abdussalam
Year 4 MBChB (just finished year 4, alhamdulillah)
The University of Manchester

- antara "HAD-HARI" dengan "HA-DHA-RI"...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

summer break

assalamualaikum warahmatullah... hello...

hopefully everyone is ok, with their Imaan well-restored by Allah... its the first day of summer break for us year 4 medics (ex-year 4s???) in manchester... i just woke up, and its 0855 BST at the moment... will go out later to draw money to pay Hisham's rent, he just transferred the £110 online into my bank account yesterday evening... he's in scarborough now staying at his sister's house and will only be back next week... our landlord is coming this afternoon, so its only Imran, Zuri & myself at home... Ebak has already left last month, and i'll be leaving insha allah next month... so there will be 2 rooms available for people to move in to stay for the next academic year... (ermmm, 1 room is already available...)

will shoot-off to Puyu's at 11am for the wallabies v all blacks game, live on sky sports 2... should be back in time to entertain Mr Saleem, the landlord... Puyu's place is only 3 minutes walk away! (5 mins malaysian pace, of course...)

yesterday was my 1st time giving a friday sermon at the infirmary (MRI)... Anuar called me at about 8.30am, asked me to replace him because he's doing nights yesterday, and so couldn't be in hospital... he offered help in finding suitable khutbahs, but i've already got one, or two actually... luckily i've done it once (giving khutbah) in hope hospital last year, and nearly did it one more time in oldham earlier this year, so the formalities wasn't that distant away from my head...

alhamdulillah, everything went well, from the first salaam before the azan, up until the salaam after the prayer proper... the only problem occured when i was leaving, one of the brother asked me (or rather scolded me) why did i allow a shi'a doctor to pray jum'ah with the others?... well, i might not be well-versed in this sunni-shi'a relationship, esp. here in the West, but this shi'a doctor (can't remember his name) was a frequent user of the prayer room... and there was never a problem before as far as i can remember... luckily i didn't have to answer this guy back because i was ushered away by this other doctor (Dr. Ahmed, consultant ophthalmologist at the Royal Eye Hospital), who was actually in charge of the Friday prayer setting-up week in and week out... even Dr. Ahmed was accused as a member of "al-Ikhwan" by that angry guy... i knew instantly he was referring to the Muslim Brotherhood who some people say is much more lenient towards shi'a (in terms of Islamic universality), if compared to the wahhabis... well, i might be totally wrong, but insha allah i'll be going to look into this matter further...

and alhamdulillah, before i forget, all Praises to Allah... He let me through the project option presentation on thursday quite efficiently... had lunch in Pizza Co. Manchester (as usual, spicy wings & chips...) straight away with Fahmi... and then went to his place later that afternoon for a "makan2 session"... Sze Ern, another year 4 student @ Fahmi's housemate is going back to malaysia on saturday, plus few more malaysian medics who'll be doing their electives in block 1... the main menu was "Hainanese chicken rice" and the chilli sauce was superb!!! stayed at Fahmi's for the night trying to finish reading "The Last Templar" (by Raymond Khoury), while Fahmi and Sze Ern were laughing freely watching Stephen Chow's "From Beijing With Love" which i brought with me via my huge external hard disk (well, it's actually an internal hard drive covered with an external enclosure, both bought separately on eBay...)

i'm stopping now... will try to update sooner rather than later, but solely depending on my summer mood... just can't wait to go back home to KL this december... all the best to all of us, and May Allah continues the Showering of His Mercy and Guidance on everyone... let us make du'a for our brothers and sisters in need all over the world... and do "lighten our hands" to help them out with sincere and generous donations... till then, take care all!!! wassalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pause... think... write (err... type, maybe...)

assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hello...

it's been a month now since my last entry... quite a lot of things happen since the past 30 or so days... i'm now approaching the end of week 9 of my Project Option... 2 more weeks to go... however, i need to hand in the final report by thursday next week (week 10)... and considering my current pace of 'report-writing', it will be magic if the report can be submitted on time... and on the last thursday (week 11) i'll be doing a presentation on my option... anyway, i'm doing a systematic review with a consultant surgeon, who is currently on annual leave... but personally speaking, he's very helpful and supportive... my option's title is 'criteria used for selection of patients to undergo elective surgery for chronic pancreatitis: a systematic review'... nice, huh?

my exam results came out earlier this month... alhamdulillah, the results were magnificent (in relation to the tiny effort being put in pre-exams)... can now concentrate solely on the november osce (mind + movement), and then off for my electives in the beautiful land far, far away... where else, malaysia lah, of course!!! again this project option sprang to mind... need to finish it satisfactorily before i can officially say goodbye to my penultimate year...

one more year to go as a medical undergraduate student, insha allah... may Allah gives me strength... will kick off year 5 on monday, 21st august in oldham, 8 weeks district placement... a 1-week study period follows, and will then continue with my community placement further north in preston... friday, 15th december will be my final day for community, and at any day from that friday until new year 2007, i will insha allah set my 2 feet back on malaysian soil... electives start on january the 2nd, for 8 weeks, up until february the 23rd... and then another 1-week study period before the teaching placement begins... this time back in the manchester royal infirmary... another 8 weeks, before the most 'dreaded' week of all... the FINALS!!! 14th-18th may 2007 insha allah...

still yet to finalise whether to do my foundations here in the UK, or go back home straightaway for housemanship... i might opt to stay for 2 more years, working 'work-permit free' as a foundation officer somewhere in the northwest... if i do stay, will try to get on a research posting sometime during F2 (2nd year foundation)... should look good in the cv... and maybe join any malaysian universities after that, or if my current interest doesn't change, i will apply for a job with the army medical corps... anyway, may Allah Guides me in everything i do...

lately i've been involved with lots of books... sounds good to people, but actually its not, at least for me... have been buying quite a number of books, but hardly read them... amazon,, the history guild, etc... you name it, i've bought books from virtually all the online bookstores... and i've also received free books from my ex-housemate... at present, i've just finished 're-reading' Angels & Demons and am now looking forward to finish off the english version of Fiqh Sirah by dr s.r. al-buti...

another thing i've been busy doing recently was downloading + watching movies... i've accidentally watched '10 things i hate about you' on tv about a week ago... the last and only time i watched it was during my final year in sungai besi (as usual, via a pirated vcd)... and i've forgotten everything about the film... except that julia stiles was in it, and 2 scenes which i couldn't forget... scene 1:- heath ledger sang on the terrace by the school field (with assistance from the school brass band, and yes, for 7 years i couldn't recall who the hero was and what song he was singing), and scene 2:- julia reciting the '10 things' poem... downloaded it straight away via utorrent after that... other movies i've been watching from my 4-year old laptop's small screen since the past week were; chicken run, the last samurai, save the last dance (another j.stiles classic), mighty ducks (1 & 3; still waiting for D2), jurassic park, plus, surprisingly, 2 malay movies = p.ramlee's 'nujum pak belalang' & aziz m osman's 'pemburu emas yamashita'...

at the moment, this obsolete machine is downloading morgan freeman's 'lean on me' + tom cruise's 'jerry maguire'... watched bits of the former during my banting years, but yet to watch JM (maybe i've seen it before, and i didn't remember, just like most of the films out there)...

i've also just received dvds of transformers (generation 1, 98 episodes) and M.A.S.K (my peers should have heard of it, 75 episodes in all)... am awaiting 'blue blink' dvds now from the states... this might be an unknown anime series, but it was on malaysian tv in either '92 or '93... it's about a boy on a quest to find his kidnapped father, went on a weird bus-ride with a small pony-like creature call 'blink', made friends with all the passengers... i think i only missed one episode last time, due to a 'nation-wide' power failure... but, anyway...

some people might find it incredible not to come across anything referring to Germany 2006 up until this point... the world cup matches was good at times (esp. when the host is involved; p.s:- i'm a germany supporter since italia 90), but otherwise largely forgettable... have to control everything i write about my 'host'-nation i.e. engl*nd, or else... but from the way they played in germany, i think MY-Team is far better... did i tell you guys that i've played against MY-Team 2 months ago when they came here to manchester? it came out on majalah tiga twice, i think... you can find the "MY-Team vs MM-Team" clip via youtube... just key in the phrase above and you'll be able to watch it...

need to pen-off now (or is it keyboard-off???)... will continue later (within this century, hopefully)... may Allah gave strength to all of us, especially to our brothers and sisters in palestine & lebanon... still can't believe the lebanese road which i've travelled on 2 years ago have been turned to dust by the israeli shellings... wassalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Umat Islam Malaysia makin ditekan - Mufti Perak

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hello,

I strongly believe that this piece is a 'must-read' for everyone... for Malaysian Muslims overseas, its a summary of the reality currently taking place in our homeland... enjoy...

Umat Islam Malaysia makin ditekan - Mufti Perak

Permasalahan umat Islam di negara ini semakin meruncing dan menghadapi pelbagai tekanan dari segenap penjuru. Golongan bukan Islam semakin berani mencampuri urusan umat Islam. Malahan yang bergelar Islam yang rapuh pengetahuan agamanya, turut mengancam Islam.

Walaupun kesibukan dengan temu janji tugasan, Mufti Perak, Dato' Seri Harussani Zakaria berkesempatan membicarakan isu ini. Ikuti temubual wartawan Harakah Nyza Ayob dan Azamin Amin di pejabatnya, di Kompleks Islam Darul Ridzwan, Ipoh baru-baru ini.

Pada pandangan Dato' bagaimanakah situasi dan keadaan umat Islam di Malaysia pada masa ini?

Pada pandangan saya, Islam di Malaysia sedang menghadapi ancaman yang cukup berat. Ancaman utama yang dihadapi ialah pemindahan budaya dari Barat, sekularisma,budaya hedonisme, Islam liberal, pluralisma serta ancaman dari golongan yang membangkitkan soal khilafiah.

Sekularisma pada asalnya untuk mencengkam ekonomi dari Barat. Tapi bagi umum ia merupakan konsep untuk memisahkan manusia dengan agama. Ia telah menular dengan hebat dan telah menjadi ritual.

Sedangkan Islam tidak dapat dipisahkan dari keseluruhan hidup dan segala kegiatan hidup berkaitan dengan agama, yang dikatakan Islam sebagai ad-din.

Dalam Islam, ibadat itu merupakan asas kepada budaya. Budaya Islam terbentuk atas lima asas. Pertama dengan mengucap dua kalimah syahadah iaitu membina persaudaraan. Yang kedua sembahyang untuk merapatkan hubungan sesama manusia. Puasa untuk melahirkan kasih sayang dan belas ihsan. Zakat untuk membina sifat semangat pengorbanan dalam diri. Haji pula untuk penyatuan ummah.Maksud demokrasi Islam untuk memperkasakan usul yang lima iaitu agamanya, akalnya, keturunannya, jiwanya, hartanya dan maruahnya.

Islam meletakkan semua aspek kehidupan berlandaskan nilai agama. Bagaimana ia dapat diperkasakan dalam masyarakat?

Memperkasakan perkara ini mempunyai perkaitan hidup dengan manusia. Contohnya kita berinteraksi dengan manusia dalam hubungan biasa, pergaulan harian atau sosio ekonomi. Jika budaya tidak langsung diikat dengan akidah dan sistem syarak, maka budaya itu membawa kehancuran.

Bagaimanakah pula fahaman sekularisma yang telah sekian lama menular dalam masyarakat kita?

Sekularisma sudah menular dalam masyarakat Islam sehingga orang Islam sudah tidak menghiraukan soal halal haram. Contohnya berdasarkan kajian yang dibuat yang paling ramai ambil nombor ekor adalah orang Melayu. Begitu juga dengan minum arak. Perbelanjaan arak hampir 1 bilion dan semakin menular terhadap orang-orang Islam.

Kita lihat perselisihan yang paling ketara ialah sesama orang Melayu. Ia sampai ke institusi agama seperti masjid. Keadaan ini cukup merbahaya.

Kita lihat sekarang ini masyarakat kita terlalu taksub dengan hiburan

Saya berpandangan, apakah kita hendak menjadi pelakon yang menari di atas pentas untuk menghiburkan orang lain, sedangkan orang itu serius dalam hidupnya. Selama 48 tahun kita sudah merdeka, yang kita kejar tidak tercapai. dari segi ekonomi kita hanya memiliki 17 peratus sedangkan manusia makin laju.

Lebih ramai di kalangan kita terlampau seronok. Kita dilalaikan sehingga tidak sedarkan diri. Golongan belia kita diserang budaya hedonisma yang melahirkan golongan seperti 'black metal', 'skin head'. Ini merosakkan orang Islam.

Jika dilihat dahulu menggunakan nama Sure Heboh dan terdiri dari ramai belia. Tapi apabila ditukar pada Jom Heboh, lebih ramai golongan dewasa mengikutinya. Ditambah pula dengan program lain seperti Pesta Hurray.

Kita tidak belajar dengan apa yang terjadi pada tahun 1967 yang mana orang Arab disibukkan dengan bola. Israel masuk ke tanah Arab menjajah sehingga Senai jatuh ke tangan Israel. Begitu juga dengan Palestin. Ini berlaku kerana dilalaikan dengan bola. Cukup dengan tayangan bola dan tidak perlu tunggu bom hendak diletupkan. Negara tergadai, bangsa dihina, agama runtuh. Perkara ini harus menjadi pengajaran kepada kita.

Sejauhmanakah fahaman liberalisme ini menular dalam masyarakat kita?

Islam liberal ini cuba memesongkan manusia. Liberalisme ini merupakan fahaman yang diciptakan Yahudi sejak 2000 tahun dahulu. Ia berkembang dan Barat yang terpengaruh dengan liberalisme ini maka agama sudah jauh ditinggalkan. Jalan paling senang ialah mendekati dan meracuni fikiran bijak pandai Islam dengan cara logik mereka. Kita lihat hari ini suara-suara dari golongan ini cukup kuat dan ada yang menafikan azab kubur.

Dari segi intelektual kita diserang oleh fahaman liberalisme. Semua ini memesongkan akidah membuatkan semua orang tidak percaya pada agama. Mengikut liberalisme agama ini harus ditafsirkan dengan fikiran.

Fahaman ini dipanggil hemunatik. Sekarang ini suara lantang kedengaran dari golongan liberalisme supaya Quran itu juga ditapis. Yang mana tidak relevan bagi mereka dibuang. Sedangkan Quran itu kitab Allah.

Allah mencipta manusia dan kita lihat ilmu Allah itu cukup sempurna. DIA mencipta manusia dan tahu kebangkitan manusia. DIA menciptakan segala keperluan yang diperlukan manusia. Hukum Quran ini telah menetapkan peraturan.

Apakah Allah itu tidak sempurna hinggakan memasukkan perkara yang tidak relevan dimasukkan dalam Quran. Sedangkan Nabi memberi jaminan Quran dan hukum-hukum Islam sesuai pada setiap waktu sehingga kiamat. Kewajipan kita ialah menyesuaikan apa jua kemajuan dengan syarak.

Bagaimanakah pula dengan fahaman pluralisma yang menjadi amalan dalam masyarakat kita?

Pluralisma dengan fahaman agama tujuannya baik tapi jalannya berlainan. Fahaman ini makin kuat dan diterapkan pada orang Islam. Kerana itu ada yang menjadikan perayaan agama sebagai acara nasional. Sedangkan perkara ini sudah jelas dalam Quran, Allah mengatakan agama itu Islam. Dan siapa yang mencari selain dari Islam tidak akan diterima dan akan kecewa di akhirat nanti.

Begitu juga usaha-usaha ini menular pada golongan bijak pandai dan kepimpinan Melayu. Mereka sudah berusaha menubuhkan IRC dan sekarang ini IFC sehingga diperluaskan melalui 'road show'. Jadi, umat Islam diserang di pelbagai peringkat.

Bagaimanakah pula pertelingkahan sesama Islam berkaitan ilmu agama?

Golongan yang sudah berumur dan pencen pula diserang dengan fahaman khilafiah . Mereka ini orang yang mempunyai ilmu Islam tetapi mendabik dada mengatakan orang dulu semuanya silap. Hinggakan imam-imam mujtahid juga dikatakan silap. Sedangkan Rasulullah dalam hadisnya mengatakan sesiapa yang berijtihad akan memperolehi dua pahala.

Mereka ini menghukumkan perkara ini bidaah, perkara itu bidaah dan semua amalan bidaah itu masuk neraka. Sehinggakan orang ramai menjadi keliru. Ada masjid dan surau menjadi kosong dan tidak lagi didatangi pengunjung kerana perbalahan.

Sehingga kini, bagaimanakah penyelesaian pada permasalahan yang melanda masyarakat Islam kita?

Berdasarkan statistik hingga awal Januari 75,000 yang majoritinya Melayu mengidap penyakit Aids. Kita masih bertengkar dan sibuk dengan soal perkahwinan seperti yang timbul, kahwin misyar.Jadi masa kita banyak dihabiskan untuk perbahasan masalah yang telah ditetapkan Allah.

Orang-orang Islam Melayu khususnya di negara ini diserang dalam lima penjuru yang cukup bahaya. Jadi apa yang tinggal di negara kita sekarang ini? Saya bersungguh-sungguh untuk menyampaikan perkara ini kepada pihak-pihak tertentu supaya mempunyai kesedaran.

Alhamdulillah saya pernah mencabar di mana letaknya NGO-NGO Islam, mana persatuan-persatuan ulama, persatuan guru agama, persatuan masjid, khairat kebajikan Islam. Di mana mereka ini? Kenapa mereka tidak tampil untuk mempertahankan Islam?

Baru-baru ini Dato' melancarkan penubuhan Jaringan Muafakat 18 buah NGO Islam Perak. Apa pandangan Dato' tentang usaha yang dijalankan oleh NGO ini?

Sambutan yang dibuat oleh NGO Islam baru-baru ini merupakan satu langkah yang baik. Saya mengharapkan gerakan ini tidak hanya berkembang pada golongan bawahan tetapi berkembang pada golongan intelektual dan kepimpinan supaya dapat penerapan dengan sempurna.

Jika kita melihat sambutan pada malam pertama program itu kira-kira 6000 orang yang hadir, secara mentalitinya kita masih melihat masing-masing sering salah menyalah. Ada yang menyalahkan parti politik, ada yang menyalahkan kerajaan. Jika ini masih berlaku kita tidak dapat jalan penyelesaian.

Pada saya mesti berfikiran terbuka, melihat bahaya yang menimpa umat Islam dan harus bersatu. Kita tidak lagi tuduh menuduh sesama kita sebaliknya mencari jalan bagaimana mentarbiyah umat Islam ini supaya mereka sedar dan kembali pada agamanya. Ini untuk membina insan.

Rukun iman itu untuk membina insan. Kalau rukun iman dilaksanakan, mereka menjadi seoarng mukmin. Apabila individu yang beriman itu membentuk dirinya sebagai mukmin, maka akan lahirlah masyarakat mukmin. Kalau orang Islam melaksanakan rukun Islam iaitu ibadat zahir yang membentuk budaya, mereka bukan sahaja Islam tetapi muslim. Islam itu semuanya baik dan kita lahirkan manusia yang muhsin. Tiga tahap ini harus dicapai untuk kejayaan orang Islam.

Selagi kita tidak dapat membina dalam diri kita sifat mukmin dan tidak dapat membentuk muslim, dan kita membentuk diri kita sebagai yang sukar melakukan kebaikan, selama itu kita tidak akan berjaya. Perkara ini yang penting untuk kita lakukan.

Dalam kenyataan baru -baru ini Dato' ada mengatakan ada menerima sebuah surat daripada sebuah badan Kristian dari Amerika Syarikat yang mendakwa kira-kira 40,000 orang Islam telah memeluk Kristian. Boleh Dato' terangkan lebih lanjut mengenai perkara ini

Dalam surat itu dinyatakan pihak berkuasa Islam zalim dan tidak adil kerana telah ada 40,000 orang Islam telah memeluk Kristian tetapi tidak berani beribadat dan keluar ke gereja kerana ancaman yang dibuat oleh pemimpin Islam dan orang Islam.

Surat itu diterima dari satu badan Kristian di New York. Angka yang diberikan itu sama ada sebahagian atau sebenarnya melebihi dari dinyatakan. Pada pandangan saya, perkara ini telah lama dibangkitkan dari masa ke semasa tetapi tidak mendapat sambutan.

Maksud Dato', ada yang memeluk Kristian tapi berselindung dengan imej Islam?

Ya. Contohnya terjadi baru-baru ini. Seorang wartawan telah menelefon saya, meminta pandangan apa yang harus dilakukan berkaitan masalah yang dihadapinya. Beliau sewaktu itu berada di kampung.

Katanya seorang gadis dalam lingkungan 20-an telah lari dari rumah dan ke rumah wartawan tersebut untuk meminta perlindungan. Datang seorang polis membawa ayah gadis tersebut. Kata gadis tersebut, bapanya hendak memaksanya ke gereja untuk masuk Islam. Bapanya seorang Melayu.

Jadi, jika sampai begini keadaannya, ini cukup parah. Perkara ini berlaku di pedalaman. Kenapa perkara ini berlaku? Mungkin kerana kewangan. Saya mendapat tahu jika seseorang itu dapat membawa seorang masuk Kristian, dia akan dibayar oleh pihak gereja.

Kita lihat majlis agama sekarang ini seolah-olah sudah hilang semangat dalam memainkan peranannya. Di mana peranan majlis agama ini dalam menjalankan penguatkuasaannya?

Majlis Agama menjalankan penguatkuasaannya untuk undang-undang. Kita lihat campur tangan di kalangan orang kita sendiri. Seperti yang berlaku di Wilayah Persekutuan. Jabatan Agama bertindak menangkap mereka yang melakukan kesalahan di bawah enakmen.

Tapi kita lihat pemimpin dan peguam Melayu mengecam penguatkuasa bahkan nak dibebaskan orang yang melakukan kesalahan.
Hadis Nabi berbunyi; 'Bagaimana nanti satu ketika apabila sudah berlaku, bagaimana keadaan kamu. Orang ramai melihat yang mungkar itu baik, yang baik itu mungkar'.
Yang menangkap itu baik tapi yang melakukan perbuatan itu mungkar. Masyarakat membela yang mungkar. Keadaan ini yang berlaku sekarang.

Dato' dilihat lebih lantang dan tegas dalam isu yang melibatkan Islam berbanding mufti lain.

Bukan. Mufti-mufti lain apabila diajukan masalah ini meminta mereka berkenaan bercakap dengan saya. Jadi, jika saya tidak bercakap, siapa yang akan bercakap. Bukan kerana saya lantang. Selain itu memang tugas saya untuk menyampaikan yang benar.

Ini tugas saya sebagai mufti. Saya dilantik oleh sultan dengan amanah untuk saya mengatakan yang benar. Jadi saya takut pada Tuhan dan takut kepada raja. Sebab itu saya bercakap terus terang apa yang saya lihat tidak betul.

Kenapakah mufti lain tidak berani menegur?

Bukan tidak berani. Mereka menyerahkan kepada saya. Maknanya mereka juga berani. Saya yang menjadi jurucakap. Tetapi saya tidak mewakili sesiapa. Mudah-mudahan apa yang saya nyatakan mendatangkan kesan yang baik pada masyarakat.

Campur tangan bukan Islam pada hal- hal orang Islam.

Oleh kerana kita sudah lemah, kita bergaduh sesama kita, orang lain mengambil kesempatan. Sedangkan dari segi perlembagaan pun mereka tidak boleh campur tangan. Dari segi undang-undang menjadi kesalahan. Tetapi kerana kita sendiri sudah tidak tahu undang-undang dan sudah tidak prihatin pada agama, kita biarkan mereka.

Mereka ini pernahkah membela Islam? Sedangkan kita sudah tahu musuh Islam sampai bila tidak akan membela Islam. Macamana baiknya Islam mereka tidak pernah mengatakan baik.
Kalau kita bercakap pasal hudud, kita hanya bercakap sahaja. Tidakkah kita terfikir mereka ini menyekat perkembangan agama? - mks.

Officers and gentlemen they’ll be

Part II of II... enjoy... btw, Staff Sergeant Aminordin was still a Corporal Aminordin when I left nearly 7 years ago... all d best, staf!!!

Officers and gentlemen they’ll be

12 Jun 2006

In the second part of our in-depth look at the Royal Military College, SAM CHEONG talks to five outstanding young men.

“IF you screw-up, the whole company gets it!” said a “boy”, whose voice is still squeaky. He may be young but he’s still the drill sergeant who shouts out his commands every morning.

Life is spick and span. And in an all-male boarding school, you have nobody but the bugle call to wake you up. This is just part of the day-to-day life at the Royal Military College (RMC). In their formative years, the boys (referred to as Putra) are trained to be well-groomed and good mannered in a regimented environment.

But the RMC is not for the ordinary Joe. It’s an institution where the best of the best are picked. In the past, children with straight A’s in their Standard Five assessment exams were selected for the college’s lower secondary programme. But this intake has been abolished and the college concentrates solely on Form Four students.

The young people who study here are from diverse backgrounds. You can find the sons of senior ranking officers in the Armed Forces, policemen, businessmen, politicians, farmers, rubber tappers and orphans.

Many have been encouraged by their parents and older siblings to take up a stint at the military college which is one of its kind in the country. Some came in willingly while a handful went in kicking and screaming.

But after they have been orientated to the military lifestyle that upholds pride, integrity and honour, they have the choice to stay and pursue a career in the Armed Forces or leave to further their studies.

Chan Jun Sen was one of the boys who had little choice but to enrol at the RMC at the age of 14 after completing his UPSR.

Describing himself as a typical “momma’s boy”, the senior pupil who is also a rank-holding achiever at the college said he was never interested in the military. But since his father is an officer with the Royal Malaysian Navy, he had a “slight edge” in gaining entrance into the RMC.

“My first year was the toughest. I was constantly homesick, pining for my mother’s cooking. But as I stayed longer, I found out that the other boys too were in the same shoes, so I learned to be independent.”

Like most of his comrades, Chan had to learn to make his own bed, fold and iron his clothes because personal grooming and discipline is maintained at very high standards in the college.

The 17-year-old who is also the eldest of three siblings said it took a while for him to actually want to pursue a career in the Armed Forces after completing his SPM exams.

“After a few years at the RMC, I finally knew what I wanted and that is to embark on a nautical science course at the Akademi Tentera Malaysia (ATMA).”

His squad mate Inong Chin, who came all the way from Penampang in Sabah, had taken on the challenge to outdo an older sibling who studied at the RMC.

Chin, 17, a Sino-Kadazan who was inspired by his elder brother, currently pursuing a degree programme at a local university, is also the college’s top student for two consecutive years.

“Besides my older brother who is an ex-Putra, the youngest sibling in my family is also studying at the RMC. All three of us were drawn by the prospect of a guaranteed future here.”

The Sabahan added that he will work towards a scholarship to enable him to study abroad and that a career with the military will be the last resort. He said that the RMC experience has taught him the importance of mannerism and being independent.

“I also picked up rugby and represented Kuala Lumpur at the inter-district games. This is something that I could have never achieved if I had studied in a normal public school.”

Sarawakian Kevin Gessie Johnson said he learned much about improving his physique and mental strength.

“My influence was my late father who was an officer with the Royal Ranjer Regiment. I got in with some help. And here at the college, I am the only Iban boy in the fold.”

Johnson added that he considered himself lembap (a slacker) when it comes to sports and physical training, but having trained on a daily basis, his stamina and sporting performance has improved dramatically.

On what the future holds, the 17-year-old Iban boy said he wants to pursue a Law degree.

The college’s top debator K. Vikneswaran came to know about the RMC when a newsreel on the institution’s passing out parade was televised over the local TV station.

“That’s how I came to know about this school and asked my father if he knew more about enrolment requirements.”

He added that the RMC was his first choice in pursuing his secondary education because the perks and training were good.

For city slicker Fariq Shazanee, life at the RMC can be boring because of its all-male population. It took him a while to get used to the environment.

“Like the rest, I felt homesick too. I’m one of the few here whose parents are not with the military. So, after my SPM, I hope to get a scholarship to take up medicine in Ireland.”

Shazanee and the rest of his putra batch are the last group in succession from the Form Two intake which has been discontinued.

And like the rest who are studying in this special secondary school, many strive to be the best of the best. With so many options available after they’ve rolled out with excellent academic results, their future as adults in the Malaysian Armed Forces or corporate sector is practically guaranteed.

A salute to an all-round education

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hello,

This is the first part of an article on my alma mater, the Royal Military College (RMC)... it was published a couple of days ago in the 'Features' section of the New Straits Times (NST)...

A salute to an all-round education

12 Jun 2006

The Royal Military College in Kuala Lumpur has a 54-year-old tradition of turning out leaders in the civil service and corporate sector. SAM CHEONG takes a close look at this unique all-male boarding school for secondary pupils.

DUBBED “Little Sandhurst”, the Royal Military College located at the Sungai Besi Army Camp is one of the most prestigious secondary-level education institutions in the country.

It offers free education along with perks like clothing, sporting facilities and spending allowances to a select few, and a “guaranteed future” to pupils who decide to embark on a career as military officers with any the three branches of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Founded in 1952 by Sir Gerald Templer, the college became a centre for studies to shape and cater to educating future leaders in the armed forces, civil service and the private sector.

The school was initially known as the Federation Military College and situated in Port Dickson. It was then moved to Sungai Besi in 1961 with a name-change to Royal Military College after it was bestowed with the Royal colours.

College Commandant Colonel Mohd Shukuri Ahmad oversees the day-to-day operations at the military-styled secondary school. The college now caters only to forms four and five pupils. Those with excellent PMR results may apply for a two-year stint at the RMC.

“There’s no binding contract that says every pupil who studies here must enlist with the army after he has completed his studies. Whether the boy is keen to stay on and join the Armed Forces Academy, or leave for a public or private higher learning institution is entirely up to him,” he said.

Mohd Shukuri added that the response for the yearly intake of Form Four pupils at the college has been overwhelming; however, the number of non-bumiputeras, especially from the Chinese community, has declined drastically.

“We can’t tell for sure why there are so few Chinese boys here, but I can say that the perception of a military lifestyle for children has put off some parents. This has given the impression that the pupils will be drafted into active service after they have completed their studies.”

The RMC has 502 boys at present and only 19 from its Forms 2, 3, 4 and 5 batches are Chinese.

The Colonel said non-bumiputeras should take advantage of the premier education system at the college that does not discriminate against a person’s colour or creed. Recruitment officer Major Amrul Yacob said the college has discontinued intake for form 2 pupils from this year and has set the minimum age of entry into the RMC at 16 years. He added that majority of the boys there are from families with a military background.

“Despite the history of this institution, the public is still unaware that military training aspects constitute only 20 per cent of the education process here. Like any other secondary school, we aspire to excel in both academic and co-curricular activities.”

Amrul added that the RMC is at par with the Government’s education policy in establishing smart-learning schools under the Ministry of Defence’s “Program Pendidikan Bestari”.

The college’s Director of Studies Shahruddin Mokhri said that about RM58 million has been spent on computerising the entire learning process at the RMC. “Our teachers are utilising state-of-the art on-line teaching tools for their pupils which enables them to interact with an information management centre. Each pupil is allocated with a “personal folder” where he can complete his assignment and store them through our network servers.”

He added that a strong emphasis on academic excellence has produced a 100 per cent passing rate in PMR and SPM examinations throughout the years. “We are proud to pass out straight ‘A’s students with literally no drop-outs. With their achievements, the doors are open for further studies abroad or locally.”

On the military aspects, RMC’s Chief Instructor Major Ben Khaled Hakimy Mohd Yusoff said the boys, better known as “Putra”, are trained in basic skills that include physical training, foot drills, weaponry, orienteering and field craft.

“We don’t teach military tactics and warfare techniques to the Putra here. Only the basics like marching and handling a rifle, where the boys learn how to use and maintain the weapon, and these are conducted only on weekends twice monthly.”

Ben Khaled, who also oversees the disciplinary aspects of his charges, added that the RMC experience is unique and that the majority of the pupils are good mannered and well-behaved.

“The Putras will snap a salute to the senior officers as well as the teachers here. We teach them to work as a team and foster the spirit of camaraderie among each other. That is also why the boys bond so well; even after they leave the college, many keep in touch through old boys’ gatherings.”

Illustrious names like Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam and Tan Sri Samsudin Osman and ertain senior staff in the Malaysian Armed Forces have had the RMC experience and are seen at the college’s old boys’ functions.

More on the RMC and its intakes can be accessed on-line at

  • Part II of this article appears tomorrow.